Meeting Minutes August 2017

Introduction to Emacs Lisp

Shakthi Kannan gave a brief explanation about the Emacs Lisp using the GNU Emacs editor. He clearly explained about the basic syntax, usage and examples for Emacs Lisp.

This was a great hands-on exercises about the Emacs Lisp. Emacs has a complete build in documentation. It will be helpful for the new users.

Links to explore more about it :

Building static websites using Hugo

Srinivasan Rangarajan demonstrated about the Hugo, which is an open source static website generator written in Go. He also gone through a hands-on session on how to install Hugo, how to make a blog posts and explained about various themes in Hugo.

Links to explore:

After the talk, we went to the Canteen. There we discussed about new and emerging technologies. Then Shakthi Kannan talked about the importance of Blogging often and he suggested to read the book “On Writing” by Stephen King. Then Sakthi and Srini answered all the questions and queries of the participants. They cleared all the doubts regarding to the technologies and F/OSS. The session went really well.

Thanks to all the participants and speakers.